Boundary Walls / Retaining Walls

Boundary Walls / Retaining Walls

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LEGO Precast concrete boundary walls come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures, offering a truly wide choice to client’s requirement.

Design Assumptions
  • - The precast concrete elements for the boundary wall are produced in typical lengths of 6 metres.
  • - Typical grade of concrete is C35 (35 N/mm²) as per BS 8110.
  • - The elements extend upwards from a depth of 900 mm below ground level.
  • - The weight of the soil above the footings and adjacent to the faces of the wall are assumed to resist overturning. Adequate compaction of soil in these locations is therefore necessary.
  • - Should there be a significant difference between the ground levels on the two sides of the boundary wall then the boundary wall can be designed to function additionally as a retaining wall, this to any height difference.


We can manufacture boundary walls / retaining walls to suit your particular requirements, as well. Tens of kilometres of high quality precast boundary walls produced and erected by us since many years have continued to provide reliable service, at several locations in the emirate of Dubai.


  • - Our Boundary walls can be designed with eccentric footings or concentric footings.
  • - Boundary walls with eccentric footings can be erected with the external face right along the property-line, thereby maximising internal space of site.
  • - We have a wide range of standard designs but customised designs with decorative features, logos and columns to suit client-requirements are also executed.
  • - Our boundary walls are capable of being erected very quickly causing minimal disruption to site activities.
  • - Various surface finishes are available with exposed aggregate texture.
  • - We can offer the boundary wall designed to perform as a retaining wall if required.
  • - Accurate, consistent, reproductions of architectural features are a consequence of our production process.

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