Wall Panels / Solid Slabs

Wall Panels / Solid Slabs

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LEGO Precast wall-panels are produced under stringently controlled conditions. These are then delivered to site in special frames mounted over trailers and erected.

LEGO Advantages:

  • - The superior accuracy of moulds, high control of concrete mix, special embeds and connectors, along-with the casting process itself, ensures that you are provided a quality product.
  • - Embeds for various MEP services as well as accurate openings for Doorways, Windows provided in the precast wall-panel ensure a considerable saving on construction times.
  • - Construction site would require significantly reduced logistics and trades. Facilitates good house-keeping at site.
  • - The reinforcement of the internal layer of concrete is nominally provided with a cover of 40mm. This provides the precast wall-panel with a fire rating of 2 hours.


Components of LEGO Insulated Wall-Panels:

  • - A single layer of thermal insulation (typically, polystyrene) is sandwiched between two layers of concrete. Additionally, a polyester/polythene vapor-barrier is placed next to the thermal insulation.
  • - The two layers of concrete and one of thermal insulation are connected together with either a system of polyamide connectors or a system of stainless steel anchors and pin-connectors.
  • - Concrete around openings in the concrete for Doors, windows, etc., which need to support metal doorway frames etc., are locally thickened by reducing locally the thickness of the thermal insulation.
  • - Structural design requirements govern the thickness of the internal layer of concrete. This is typically between 90mm to 120mm.
  • - The outer or external layer of concrete is typically 50mm thick.
  • - The middle layer comprising the thermal insulation is made of required grade of polystyrene.


Thermal performance:

  • - Thermal conductivity through the composite insulated precast wall-panel is governed by the thermal conductivity of individual layers.
  • - The Common List of Material Specification issued by D.M. provides a reference to the thermal conductivity factor for concrete and thermal insulation based on their individual density.
  • - The average thermal conductivity for the composite panel is calculated based on formulae spread sheet provided by D.M.

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